Our Story

Hello, my name is Signe Jones.  I would like to introduce you to my company and the services we specialize in.  I opened Petals & Pours in 2009 with a very simple philosophy in mind…to provide high quality floral designs and event services for a great value, all while maintaining a very personal touch. 

Petals & Pours has since turned into the premiere Floral and Bartending service of the picturesque Vail Valley region of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  My passion for flowers and creating my client’s visions is a dream and something I strive to achieve at every event.  My outgoing nature and vibrant energy led me into introducing the second part of my company, personal bartending services. 

I provide floral and decor arrangement services as well as custom bartending services for ALL types of events.  I handle bridal consultations and event management for smaller sized intimate events all the way up to larger sized corporate extravaganzas.  Whether I am creating a floral design or hosting your on-site bartending crew, my company will provide the utmost quality and service to each bride and groom, event, and gathering of any kind.  

I do it all, and love the entire process.  Petals & Pours is here to make your event stand out among all the rest with our excellent service, innovative style and overall exquisite taste, all while you get to relax and enjoy the event yourself!